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Getting Ready For Summer Sporting Activities? Three Steps To Protect And Care For Your Teeth

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Summer will be here soon. Time for you to head outside and enjoy those warm-weather activities. If sports are in your summertime future, it's also time to think about your teeth – not just your semi-annual dental visits. You might not realize this, but your teeth are in danger each time you participate in sporting activities. Things like falls and hits to the face – from balls, elbows, or other objects – can knock out or damage a tooth. Before you get busy having fun this summer, learn how to protect and care for your teeth during sports.

Wear Protective Mouth Gear

If you're going to be active in sports this summer, wearing mouth gear is the most important thing you can do to protect your teeth. Talk to your dentist about having a custom mouth guard made for you. While generic mouth guards can be purchased in most sporting goods stores, they won't provide you with the proper fit for your teeth. A custom mouth guard will fit snugly around your teeth, protecting them from the force that can accompany summertime sporting activities.

Preserve the Tooth If All or Part of It Is Knocked Out

If your tooth is damaged this summer, it's important that you take the proper steps following the incident. The first thing you need to do is find the tooth and clean it off. If the tooth has chipped, carefully rinse the broken portion in water to remove debris. Fill a small container with water and place the broken portion inside. If your entire tooth has been knocked out, carefully pick it up by the non-root end – don't touch the root or you could damage it. Carefully pour water over the tooth to remove debris and place it in a small container of water.

Get to the Dentist

Once you have the tooth cleaned and protected, you should get to your cosmetic dentist as soon as possible. A cosmetic dentist can take steps to ensure that the damage is restored with little or no visible damage to remember the event by.


If your entire tooth was knocked out and the root system is intact, your dentist may be able to set the tooth back in the socket and restore it to its natural position.


If your tooth has been chipped and you have the broken portion with you, your dentist may be able to reattach the damaged section, leaving your tooth looking good as new. If the damaged portion cannot be replaced, your cosmetic dentist will be able to repair the tooth by installing porcelain veneers over the damaged portion.


If your tooth has been permanently lost, your dentist will be able to replace it using a dental implant. Implants are attached directly to your jaw bone, which makes them look and act just like your natural teeth.

Summer is just about here. Time to start planning your summer sporting events. Be prepared for possible dental problems by following the tips provided here. For more information, contact local professionals like Michael G Landy DDS.