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Tips For Handling A Child's Dental Emergency Without Losing Your Head

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All parents fear bad things happening to their children, so you are not alone when these fears and concerns creep in to your life. When your little one has a dental emergency, you may be tempted to freak out as much as they are. However, it is very important that you stay calm on the outside and try to restore calm inside as you handle the emergency. The good news is that emergency dental services are available any time of day, so follow these tips to handle the problem.

Tip #1: Assess the Situation as Quickly as Possible

When your child has a dental emergency, the first thing that you should do is look them over and make sure that the emergency is not tied to bodily injuries or head trauma. Ask your children questions. If the dental emergency accompanies other injuries, get your child to the emergency room. If your child is only having a dental emergency, call your dentist's emergency line to figure out how to get your child immediate help.

Tip #2: Give Your Child Pain Relief if It's Recommended

A child who is experiencing a dental emergency will likely be overwhelmed with pain. If possible, give your child a pain reliever to help them handle the pain. When you call the emergency line, be sure to ask your dentist if pain relievers are okay right now. In some situations, the dentist may be planning to administer some medications that mean you should wait on the pain relievers.

Tip #3: Reassure Your Child That Everything Is Okay

No matter how much you just want to scream, try to talk in a calm, reassuring voice to your child throughout the incident. Also, you should reassure your child that everything is going to be okay even if it doesn't feel alright to you in the moment. The dental emergency can be deeply traumatic to a child who hasn't had a chance to develop coping skills, and they need your reassurance and positive words to handle the situation.

Finally, keep in mind that it is important to stay as calm as possible throughout the emergency, but you should also be gentle with yourself. Not everyone is able to play it cool, and you should simply do the best that you can. The most important thing you can do is call your dentist's emergency line in a timely manner and get help for your child as soon as possible. 

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