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Understanding A Root Canal

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If you have a tooth that is suffering from a lot of decay then the dentist may have suggested a root canal to you. This is due to the fact that a root canal may often be your one shot for saving your existing tooth. If the tooth isn't saved then you can find yourself going around without a tooth or needing to replace the tooth using one of several methods such as a dental implant or partial dentures. If you have decided to go through with a root canal, then you'll find the following information on them to be beneficial:

What a root canal involves

When you get a root canal it involves a procedure in which the nerve and the pulp is taken out of the tooth. The tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and sealed to protect it. Since the nerve of a tooth isn't vital to the well-being of the tooth, you can rest assured that your tooth will remain strong regardless of its removal.

You will be numbed for the procedure

Going in for a procedure such as a root canal can leave you concerned over whether or not you are going to experience a high amount of pain during the procedure. You can rest assured that the dentist will make sure you are being given enough anesthetic ahead of time that you won't feel anything while they are working on your tooth.

You may experience some pain after, so the dentist might send you home with medication to help you control the pain. You want to take the medication as directed instead of waiting until you hurt to take your next dose. It's important for you to understand the pain you feel afterward isn't from the actual root canal, but instead from any infection or tenderness that was caused by the tooth. Most people actually feel a lot better after the root canal than they felt before having it.

You can go back to normal habits almost immediately after the tooth is restored

As soon as the numbness wears off you will be able to go back to normal eating. The only thing you do need to watch out for is hot and cold foods. These should be avoided until the dentist is done with the restoration.


If your dentist has suggested a root canal then you should really consider following through with it. A root canal offers you the chance to keep your tooth with a simple procedure.