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How An Electric Toothbrush And A Water Pick Can Change Everything For Your Teeth

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When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and looking great, you want to make sure you are using some of the helpful tools that are on the market. Two dental tools that have a lot to offer you in the way of keeping your teeth healthy and looking great include an electric toothbrush and a water pick. Learn how these two tools can really help you accomplish your goal of maintaining a healthier and better looking smile between your visits to the family dentist.

The benefits of using an electric toothbrush

When you use a manual toothbrush, you will move the toothbrush at a speed that's comfortable for your hand. While the bristles alone will help to remove some plaque, food particles, and other bacteria from your teeth, the amount that is removed will leave some behind. Anything left behind then becomes a threat. It can lead to an array of dental issues like cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and tooth discoloration.

Using an electric toothbrush offers you bristles that move very quickly. The faster movement will help you to remove a lot more plaque and other types of build-up so you can give yourself all the benefits of a healthier mouth. When it comes to choosing the right electric toothbrush, you will still be able to choose a head that comes in soft, medium, or hard. You'll also still have options with regards to the style and shape of the handle. 

The benefits of a water pick

When you use floss, it will reach between your teeth and pull out food and other small particles that get trapped between your teeth. You can purchase string floss that you wrap around your fingers to work between your teeth, or you can purchase floss sticks that you can hold between your fingers and work the smaller amount of floss between your teeth. Some people find the sticks to be much easier to use. Even though floss is a great tool to use, it still has its own limitations. It can't fit between teeth that are very close together, and it doesn't reach all areas.

You should get yourself a water pick to use regularly. A water pick will blast a straight stream of water into your mouth in a way that removes more debris from your teeth than floss. It can reach in the hard-to-reach areas, and it can remove food from the teeth that are too tight together for floss to fit between.