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2 Oral Mouthwashes To Use After A Dive To Soothe Your TMJ While Wearing Braces

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If after a dive your jaw joints are tense and difficult to open, then you may be suffering from TMJ. TMJ is caused by actions that you take during your dive. If you clamp down on your teeth and clench your jaw shut, then this place stress on your jaw joints. After a while, your jaw joints will respond to this stress with soreness. The added stress can be made worse if you are wearing braces. Once you make it out of the water, it may feel as though you have held your mouth open for hours in the same position. This feeling will subside but not without a few hours of pain and discomfort. When wearing braces it can be difficult to get relief for your TMJ without causing more discomfort. Luckily, there are a few mouthwashes that you can use to help ease your TMJ symptoms.

Clove Mouthwash

You have probably smelled the sharp spicy scent that cloves are most famous for. Cloves are amazing for adding in popular dishes but they are also a powerful remedy for the toughest pain. You can create a clove mouthwash by taking a spoonful of dried cloves and allowing them to soak for hours. If you already know that you experience TMJ when you dive, then this is a mouthwash that you can prepare before you dive. The longer that you allow the cloves to soak the better the results will be. Once they are done, try to hold the mouthwash in your mouth and around your braces for a few minutes before spitting it out and rinsing with warm water.

Lavender Mouthwash

You are probably familiar with lavender because of the scent. It is a popular scent that is used in a number of oral care products including mouthwashes. However, the true benefits of lavender lie in its properties. Lavender is seen as a calming herb that has a number of anti-inflammatory benefits. These benefits can help to ease irritation caused by TMJ. Lavender oral rinses can be made by taking fresh lavender and steeping it in a cup of hot water. Wait until the lavender turns the color of the water a slight brownish green color. Once this happens, feel free to use the lavender mix as you would an oral mouthwash. If you have any leftover, you can drink it like a tea.

If you are fairly new to diving, then experiencing TMJ will be normal until you get used to the process. The more that you dive the more familiar you will be with the proper grip when wearing braces. Until that time, use these tips to help get a handle on your TMJ.