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Three Mistakes To Avoid With Veneers

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Veneers can be one of the simplest ways to give your smile a nearly instant makeover. These porcelain covers can hide many imperfections, from discoloration to minor gaps or tooth size issues. You need to be aware of the following mistakes, though, to ensure your veneers say as attractive as possible.

#1: Assuming they are the only necessary fix

Veneers can fix a lot of issues in your mouth, but they won't solve everything. One major thing that is sometimes overlooked in the quest for the perfect smile is the soft tissues of your mouth – in other words, the gums. If your gum line is uneven or if you have tissue that extends far down the length of some teeth and not others, your smile still won't look symmetric even with veneers. Instead, you will need to have cosmetic gum surgery fix. The same is true for other dental issues, like decay. First, attend to these issues then you can consider veneers.

#2: Skipping basic hygiene

Veneers are made of porcelain so they don't easily discolor, nor can they decay. Yet, you still need to keep up with brushing and flossing. Failure to do so can lead to plaque build up both on your teeth below the gum line and over the edges of the veneers. Daily brushing can help prevent this. Flossing is also a major way to prevent plaque, although this can sometimes be difficult with veneers because the floss tries to slide beneath the porcelain. In this case, talk with your dentist to see if a water pick is a good alternative in your case.

#3: Not addressing grinding issues

Grinding will destroy your veneers. Over time, the veneers will loosen and become chipped. This can cause them to fall off. Since your dentist must remove some of your enamel to place the veneers, you will have rough, sensitive teeth prone to chipping unless you quickly get a new veneer placed. You can save yourself the trouble by address the grinding issue. A mouth guard for night use is the most common treatment, and it can be used with veneers. You should also be checked by your dentist for any other underlying issues that may cause grinding, such as bite problems or muscle concerns. In some cases, grinding can be severe enough that veneers are a viable option.

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