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Some Things To Expect As You Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

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Many people have problems with their wisdom teeth and need to have them removed. While it may sound like a scary procedure, it is quite routine. You'll be numb and maybe even sleep while you have the surgery so it is painless. You might be sore for a few days after though. Here's what you might expect when it comes to recovering from having your wisdom teeth removed.

Gum Soreness May Last A Few Days 

The amount of soreness you experience is related to how the dentist has to remove your teeth. If your teeth are partially erupted, then pulling out your wisdom teeth is similar to extracting any other tooth. The dentist grabs onto the tooth and pulls it out. Sometimes, wisdom teeth are extracted while they are still under the gums. In that case, the dentist will make an incision in your gums to pull the teeth out. The incision will increase soreness and discomfort. Your pain may be managed with over-the-counter medications or your dentist may give you a few prescription painkillers to help you feel more comfortable.

A Change In Diet Is Required

For the first day or two after your surgery, you'll need to eat a soft diet. Your gums may be too painful to chew foods and chewing might dislodge the blood clot you want to form. You can eat a variety of foods as long as they are soft. Choose foods such as pudding, applesauce, or mashed potatoes. You can gradually add other foods back into your diet as recommended by your dentist, although you'll need to chew on your front teeth and avoid the wisdom teeth area until healing is underway.

Facial Swelling Is Possible

Don't be alarmed if you notice swelling after your surgery. This is a natural response and it gradually goes away. You can help reduce swelling by placing ice packs over your face for a few minutes at a time several times each day. You might have a little bleeding too, which you should be able to control by using gauze pads on your gums. However, if the bleeding doesn't stop or if swelling doesn't go down, you should contact your dentist for advice.

Your dentist can help you determine when you can resume all your normal activities and go back to work. Your gums should heal in a few days, although it might take several weeks to completely heal if you had a difficult extraction. Depending on your individual circumstances, you might be able to go back to work the same day, or you might need to recuperate for a day or two.