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Odd Things That Can Happen To Your Teeth

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Sometimes strange things can happen to your teeth that can leave you wondering what's going on with them. While it's always a good idea to go in for a dental exam when anything out of the ordinary is happening, you also want to learn about what may be going on yourself, so you can put your mind at ease in the meantime and even know what you can do to prevent worsening of certain conditions. Here are some strange things you may find happening to your teeth you should learn about:

You can develop white spots on your teeth – If you suddenly see white spots on your teeth then these can be caused by plaque forming on the teeth. Hard dental plaque that can be seen in the form of these white spots is also referred to as calcium deposits. If you see white spots on newly forming teeth in a child, then white spots can also be caused by them ingesting too much fluoride and this condition is referred to as hyperflourosis. In the case of calcium deposits, you want to go to the dentist to have them removed with a good cleaning and scraping. In the case of a child with possible hypersflourosis, you want to get them in to discuss ways of cutting back on fluoride while still caring for their teeth. You can also see white spots after whitening your teeth if you already had hypocalcification and the whitening removes stains that were covering it up. In this case, time will allow the coloring of the teeth to even out after natural staining begins to take place again.

You notice your teeth are looking flatter – If you start to notice that the points of your teeth are becoming flatter than they usually are, then this means that you are doing something to grind them down. If you haven't been doing anything consciously that can cause this, then the problem more than likely stems from nighttime teeth grinding. You'll want to get to the dentist to have a night guard made so you don't continue damaging your teeth.

You have a loose tooth – There are actually quite a few reasons you can suddenly have a loose tooth. If you haven't suffered an injury, then you may be grinding your teeth and should wear a night guard, just like mentioned above. Also, a loose tooth can happen when you have periodontal disease, which needs to be treated right away to avoid worse injuries including potential tooth loss. A couple of other reasons you can develop one or more loose teeth include pregnancy hormones or osteoporosis. Loose teeth should always be looked at by your dentist as soon as you can get in to see them.