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Dental Care And Your Toddler

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Taking care of a toddler's teeth can be challenging. They are at that age where they start wanting to exert their independence and start doing things on their own, such as dressing themselves and taking care of their own teeth. However, they are still so young that they really do still need your assistance with these things, especially when it comes to their dental care. This article will offer you tips and advice on taking care of your toddler's teeth, so you can avoid ending up dealing with issues like cavities.

Watch what they eat and drink – At this age, you are still in total control of what your child consumes. If you don't buy the wrong foods and drinks at the store, then they won't be in the house for your toddler to consume. If you want to have goodies in the house for you and the rest of the more mature aged household members, then try to consume those things when your little one won't see. Don't feel bad about 'holding out' on them since you will actually be doing them a favor by not getting them started on junk food when they are so young.

Be aware of the hidden trouble foods and drinks – Some foods and drinks can disguise themselves as good foods and drinks when in reality they would also fall into the 'junk food' category due to the sugars, acids or artificial colorings they contain. A couple of good examples of sneaky foods are juices and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Make sure your toddlers teeth get brushed correctly – Once your toddler starts wanting to brush their own teeth, you can let them. It's great that they want to start taking control of their dental care so young. However, you also want to make sure those teeth are getting brushed correctly. The best way to approach this is to show your child how to brush their teeth, then allow them to do it all on their own. After they are done, you can go ahead and brush them again yourself. Explain to your child that you just want to make absolutely sure no areas get overlooked and that one day they will be such a pro you won't need to help them anymore.

Start dental visits early on – The earlier and more often you get your little one in to see the dentist, the less the chance will be of them developing a fear of going. Also, getting your child in from an early age will help you to avoid dental problems since the dentist will have a chance to catch them right away.

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