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Healthy Foods May Be Ruining Your Smile And Your Social Standing

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Plenty of people eat healthy foods every day as a way of improving their dental health. Unfortunately, some of these foods may be staining your teeth and causing people to avoid you. Thankfully, cosmetic dental procedures can help with this problem.

Yes, Some Healthy Foods Are Staining

It may be surprising to know but many healthy foods can actually stain your teeth. That's because these foods have coloring or nutrients that cause a yellowing of the teeth. For example, people who eat a lot of apples may find their teeth getting yellower. More commonly, people who eat a lot of potatoes also suffer from the same stains.

Unfortunately, all of these stains can be a problematic situation for many people. That's because white teeth are often one of the first things people notice about someone when they meet them for the first time. And a yellow smile is not going to be accepted as readily as a white one.

Why Discoloration Is Such A Big Deal

While the tooth discoloration caused by these healthy foods isn't as extreme as that caused by smoking, it can still add up over time. As a result, even people who do not drink wine, smoke cigarettes, or perform other acts that are unhealthy to their dental health may find that their teeth are getting stained and that these stains are getting worse.

This can be a huge problem for most people because of the psychological effects associated with a good smile. For example, nearly 100 percent of the population believes that a good smile makes a person more attractive. Unfortunately, a yellowed smile can even cause a person to lose a job in an interview or even scare away potential romantic partners.

As a result, it is important to take steps to avoid this danger. Sometimes, cosmetic dentistry is not required, as many people can probably break apart these stains on their own. However, cosmetic dental procedures may be necessary if the stains are severe enough in nature.

When Whitening Is Necessary

Teeth whitening is the process of applying bleach or other cosmetic cleaners to your teeth. These treatments will focus heavily on the stains that break them apart safely and effectively. These procedures are a great idea if the stains on your teeth won't go away with normal cleaning. For example, if you find that increased teeth brushing or eliminating staining foods from your diet doesn't break away your stains, a dental whitening may be necessary.

Whitening may also be necessary if you have a job that requires you to look impressive in the community, such as a news reporter. That's because getting nearly instantly white teeth with cosmetic dental treatments can help you stay a socially-active person. So don't hesitate to talk to a cosmetic dentist near you if you are concerned about this problem.