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Home Teeth Whitening Vs Professional: What Can You Expect?

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The quest for whiter teeth is something people have been obsessed with for decades. There is a good reason for this. Have a whiter smile can definitely help you to get ahead in certain careers. In addition to that, whiter teeth can give you more confidence when talking and interacting with other people. This can provide a significant boost in both your professional and personal life.

To achieve whiter teeth, you can either go to a professional or buy a kit/strips/paste that you can use on your own at home. How do these two teeth whitening approaches compare?


As you would expect, when it comes to cost, it'll be slightly more expensive to have the whitening procedure done by a professional. This because you'll have to pay the professional for their time and for the quality of their services. In addition to this, they will be using tools and whitening agents that are more expensive and probably not available from your regular store. However, as with all things, it's important to look beyond the money.

Quality of Results

Naturally, even as you pay more to have your teeth professionally whitened, you'll be doing so expecting better results than what you would achieve on your own. That is exactly what you get when you have your teeth professionally whitened.

There are a few reasons why you can always expect better results from the professional. For starters, the whitening approaches used by professionals are determined by your teeth. This allows for a custom solution which is more likely to work. Secondly, the bleaching agents used by professionals are stronger than what you get from over-the-counter solutions. This is because a professional is able to safely use stronger agents.

Speed of Results

One of the most frustrating thing about whitening your teeth at home is that it's usually a slow process. If you're whitening your teeth at home, you'll probably be working with consumer-grade kits which are not as effective as the professional ones. Therefore, you'll have to carry out the procedure many times before you notice significant results. If you go to a professional, you could see significant results in just a few days.

Stubborn Stains

For teeth that have suffered deep staining, a professional whitening might be your only viable option. Home whitening solutions rarely work on deep stains so you shouldn't expect any significant results unless you go to a professional cosmetic dentist.