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Why Missing Teeth Should Be Replaced With Dental Implants

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If you are missing some of your teeth, then you need to have them replaced. Leaving your teeth missing can cause problems for you in a number of ways. You can learn about some issues a lack of teeth can pose and the reasons why dental implants are often considered the best replacement in this article. 

Problems a lack of teeth can cause

One of the problems about lacking teeth can cause is the deterioration of your bones. Bone loss happens when you have missing teeth for a long period of time because the jawbone is preserved by the acts of biting and chewing. When you are missing some of your teeth, the bone loss can continue to get worse over the course of time. This can cause your facial features to become distorted, negatively affecting your appearance. It can also cause your jaw to become weaker over time. 

When you are missing several teeth, it can also impact the way you eat. Depending on the teeth you are missing, it can be hard for you to bite into certain foods or chew them. This means your diet may be affected since there will be some types of foods you will no longer be able to eat. 

If you are missing some teeth in the front of your mouth, then you will likely end up having issues with your speech. You may not be able to correctly enunciate certain sounds, such as the "s" or the "th" sounds. 

Reasons why dental implants may be the best option

When it comes to replacing your missing teeth, dental implants are often the best way to go. One of the reasons why dental implants are often considered to be better is because they are the closest thing to real teeth. The way they are fused to the jawbone causes them to act much like real teeth, and the way their roots ground them. The implants also feel real once you get used to having them in your mouth. 

Another thing that a lot of people prefer about dental implants is just how permanent of an option they are. When you get implants, they are put in your mouth with the intention of them not coming out. This is much better than dentures that you will have to remove and clean separately from your real teeth on a daily basis. You will brush your implants using the same toothpaste you use on your real teeth, so you won't need to buy extra dental products.