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4 Pieces Of Information That You Should Know About Dental Implant Surgery

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If you've decided to have dental implants put in to fill spaces where teeth are missing, dental implant surgery will need to be performed to complete the process. You should know what to expect with dental implant surgery so that you can prepare properly and get through your surgery and recovery easier. Here are a few key facts that will help shed more light on what to expect during and after dental implant surgery.

1. Dental implant surgery can be completed within a single day.

In most cases, a single day will be all that's needed to complete the surgery, but the procedure may take a few hours to finish. After surgery, you'll likely be advised to go home and rest for the remainder of the day. If multiple surgeries are needed, your dentist will allow for sufficient recovery time after each surgery so that you'll be healed enough to progress with your treatment.

2. The artificial tooth usually isn't implanted right away.

After the titanium rod has been implanted in your jawbone, you'll likely need to heal before a prosthetic tooth is implanted. In some rare cases, an artificial tooth can be attached to the titanium rod right away, but you may need to wait a few months before you receive the new tooth. A temporary prosthetic tooth can be attached to the implant rod until you're ready to get your permanent prosthetic tooth.

3. Regular dental care shouldn't be neglected after getting implants.

The artificial teeth and implant rods are resistant to decay, but that doesn't mean you should be lax when it comes to your at-home dental care and regular dental checkups. Proper care can help the implants last longer and prevent gum decay that could affect the stability of dental implants. Hard or sticky foods that may damage or loosen the implants should also not be eaten.

4. You may notice additional benefits with your implants.

After the implant rods and artificial teeth are put in place, many patients experience other advantages that they don't often expect. Along with chewing and speaking easier, the shape of your face may improve if dental implants fill in hollow areas that can make you look older and less healthy. You may also notice fewer headaches and other aches and pains around your head and jaw if the implants can correct bite problems that may contribute to these issues.

Dental implant surgery may be the right treatment that you need to resolve your dental issues. Your dentist can answer any of the other questions you likely have about the procedure so that you can feel more confident about choosing this treatment option.