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3 Factors Dentists Consider When Assessing Patients For Implant Installation

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Every child loses deciduous teeth at some point, which is nothing much to worry about. However, once you get your permanent teeth, it is crucial to maintain them so they don't fall off. Sadly, various issues can cause tooth loss, leaving you with gaps in your mouth. Living with these gaps for too long has various consequences, such as receding gums, shifting teeth, and appearance issues. 

It is advisable to consider tooth replacement procedures to prevent these consequences. Though treatments like bridges and dentures are great, many people today opt for dental implants for a good reason. These implants are more durable and stable, offering a great long-term solution. However, it would be best to tick certain boxes before a dentist can install these implants. Here's what implant dentists consider when assessing patients for implant surgery. 

1. Bone Density

Many people today opt for implants because they merge with the jawbone over time to provide maximum stability. However, a strong jawbone is necessary to provide support to these implants. Unfortunately, once you lose your teeth, the jaw will lack stimulation, leading to slow deterioration. Luckily, your dentist can restore your jaw's strength through bone grafting. 

2. Devotion to Dental Health

A healthy mouth is important for anyone considering implant installation. That's because the implant procedure involves surgery, and any infections could affect its success. So, you must follow proper oral hygiene habits, like flossing and brushing your teeth daily, and never skip dental appointments. Otherwise, you may have infections that force your dentist to perform various treatments before installing implants. If you take good care of your dental health, your dentist will continue with the dental implant surgery. However, you must maintain dental hygiene habits after surgery to avoid complications.  

3. Use of Tobacco and Other Products Affect Oral Health

Tobacco contains chemicals that can slow down or affect healing after your implant procedure. Therefore, an ideal dental implant surgery candidate must not consume tobacco through smoking or chewing. However, if you are a tobacco user, you may still enjoy the great service these implants offer if you are willing to quit tobacco consumption. Fortunately, your dentist can recommend various resources and options to help you quit the habit. 

Missing teeth can affect your quality of life. Therefore, it is important to seek tooth replacement options, like dental implants, to avoid serious consequences. However, your dentist must confirm that you don't smoke tobacco, you pay attention to your oral health, and that you have enough jawbone density before they can install these implants. 

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