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Reasons For Getting A Same-Day Appointment At The Dentist

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If you're in need of a dental appointment and you want to get into the dentist right away, then consider a same-day appointment. This is where you set an appointment with the dentist on the same day you inquire about it. Not all dentists are available for same-day dental visits unless the visit is a dental emergency, so keep this in mind as you schedule your own dental care needs.

Why would you consider getting a same-day appointment at the dentist? What are the benefits of doing so (besides simply getting the appointment out of the way)? Here are reasons to consider a same-day appointment at the dentist.

Your schedule is only open on the day you call in

If you have a limited work or family schedule and your dental clinic isn't open on the free days you have, then it makes sense that you would inquire about same-day dental visits and care. Your dentist will try to work with your schedule as much as possible, including allowing for a same-day appointment if they can. If you have a need for a same-day appointment, call your dentist first thing in the morning, and if there are no current openings for a dental visit, ask to be put on a cancellation list. With luck, you can be seen the same day if another patient cancels.

Your dental need is an emergency

Is your dental need an emergency? If so, then you should be able to be prioritized for some same-day dental appointments your dentist may leave open for situations like yours. The key lies in calling your dentist as soon as you have an issue and then explaining your dental emergency over the phone. You may also elect to go into the dentist's office to inquire about a same-day appointment. However, the dental office is not an emergency department, and you may have to wait a while to be seen.

Your dentist has referred you to another dental professional

If you have been referred to another dental professional by your current dentist, then you may be able to get a same-day appointment. This is especially the case if your dental needs are considered urgent and need to be treated right away. Your dentist will be able to work out same-day dental visits in many cases, which can benefit you in big ways and help you get the dental care you need sooner.

Contact your dentist to learn more about same-day appointments